Using Weav on your iOS device allows you to securely share file, start meetings, share your screen, control mouse and keyboard, and control the Quicklaunch meeting room.  Give it a try!

Downloading Weav

Sign into Weav

When you start the Weav app, you will be asked for your name and email address.  The name will appear on the host computer.  Click Next and you will then be ready to join a session.

Connect to a Weav Session

Use Bluetooth...

If Weav host on the conference room computer is setup for Bluetooth, click on the refresh button by "Available Rooms". You should see a list of nearby Weav sessions.  Just tap on the session you want to join and the tap on Connect.

Or Enter a Session Code... 

On your phone or laptop enter the session code from the conference room computer onto your phone Weav app.

Or Scan a QR Code!

On your phone, tap the QR Code icon and then scan the QR code on the Weav host screen.  You will join automatically.

Start a Meeting 

Weav allows you to join a meeting from the current day from your Office 365 account.

  1. Click on the calendar tab
  2. Sign into your Microsoft Office 365 account
  3. Click on the meeting icon
  4. If Quicklaunch is running, the meeting will launch in Quicklaunch. If not, the meeting will launch in your default browser

Share a File

1. Click on the Files tab

2. Click on the "+" plus sign

3. Select the file you want to share - and it will be displayed!

To  "unshare" a file, just click on the X next to the file.

Screen Sharing

Weav allows you to share your device's screen onto the Weav session

  1. Click the Share Screen tab
  2. Press the start button in the bottom left
  3. Accept the on screen prompt
  4. Screen share can be stopped by pressing the pause button, or by leaving the session

Quicklaunch Remote Control

The Quicklaunch Remote Control gives Weav users complete control over the Quicklaunch meeting room from launching meetings, to running action tiles and even reset room.

  1. Click the Quicklaunch Remote Control Tab
  2. Click action groups to view action tiles
  3. Click any action tile to perform the action on the Quicklaunch PC
  4. The Quicklaunch Remote Control option will only appear if Quicklaunch is running on the same PC as Weav Host

PC Remote Control

The Remote Control allows the Weav participants to control the meeting room from their Weav Participant app

  1. Click the Remote Control Tab
  2. Control the Mouse using the touch pad
  3. Control the keyboard by using the on screen keyboard

Leaving the Session

To leave a meeting session, simply click the exit arrow in the upper left hand corner.  Any files you were sharing will be closed.