Weav Wireless Connections

There are many ways to connect your device to weav.  Here is what we recommend for best performance:

requires an app?must be on  same network?supported technology
Windows LaptopnoyesChromecastinstructions

An unsupported option is to use Weav with Miracast/WiFi-Direct.  This allows users with specific hardware to connect to the conference room computer without being on the same network.  This option is currently in testing so only use at your own risk.

requires an app?must be on  same network?supported technology
Android with Miracast-Wifi DirectnonoMiracast/wi-fi directinstructions
Windows Project (Win-P) with Miracast - WiFi DirectnonoMiracast/wi-fi direct

Weav Wired Connections

Weav can support wired connections through a variety of HDMI to USB capture devices.  See this list for supported devices: