weav and Quicklaunch work together!  Here is how to set it up.

weav Email through Quicklaunch

You can send weav screenshots and drawings to the current meeting participants though Quicklaunch.

1. In weav settings, click the email tab.  Then check "Email through Quicklaunch" and enter a folder name to save the weav drawings and screenshots.

2. Then in Quicklaunch settings,  go to Plugins -> Weav and check "IsEnabled"

3. Then go to System -> Events.

a. Add a new "Send Email" action.

b. Sent the event type to "Monitor Folder" and ther Watched Folder to the same folder name as used in weav.

c.  To send to the meeting room participants, set the "To Email" to "{{CurrentMeetingParticipants}}"

6. Restart Quicklaunch and weav

Reset weav on Quicklaunch Room Reset

When a QUicklaunch meeting end or a user presses "Room Reset" in Quicklaunch, you can have it also reset weav.

1. Then in Quicklaunch settings,  go to Plugins -> Weav and check "IsEnabled"

2. Then go to System -> Room Reset.

3.  Scroll to down and check the option "Reset Weav"

Create an Action tile to Start weav

You can create a Quicklaunch Action Tile to start weav.

1. Go to settings -> Actions.  

2. Select your Group for the action tile

3. Add a new action and add the action "weav"