Hardware/Software Requirements

To get the most out of weav, make sure you have the following minimum hardware requirements.  

If you want to use Miracast/Wifi Direct (unsupported) to allow Windows or some Android apps to connect from a different network, you will need the following.  The host and participant devices will both need this.

  • A WiFi adapter with at least NDIS 6.3 drivers and Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.3 or newer. 
  • A Miracast-compatible graphics adapter

You will need to make allowances for other software as well.

With the above configuration you should be able to support:

  • up 4 simultaneous connections
  • of these, up to 2 miracast/wifi-direct connections
  • of these, up to 4 chromecast or airplay connections

Get a Subscription to weav

Follow these steps to get a free trial subscription to weav or purchase a subscription to weav.


Click here to Download and Install weav with the UCW Installer


Start the UCW installer, and then select to install the "weav" product.


Start weav, enter your subscription key (from the above steps) and setup the rest of the weav settings - then start sharing!

Setting Up Email

If you have Quicklaunch installed you can connect weav to Quicklaunch so you can email weav Grab & Draw or Draw images to the meeting room participants.  Click here for more details.

If you dont want to use Quicklaunch for email, then you can use SMTP to set up and email account.  Whenever the email button is pressed, the  contents will be sent to the room email.


You may be prompted to open up ports in your firewall.  Here is a complete list of ports used by weav for wireless sharing: https://support.airserver.com/support/solutions/articles/43000534713-what-ports-bonjour-services-are-used-by-airserver-windows-10-desktop-edition-