weav enables all kind of device sharing.  here is what it can do (and more is coming!)

Share your phone, tablet or laptop screen

From your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows laptop or Mac laptop you can wirelessly share your screen contents with the conference room

With weav you can have up to 5 people share their devices. One device is displayed at a time.

How to Connect to Weav

See this article for all the different ways you can connect to weav

Take a Snapshot of the Screen

Click on "Grab & Draw" weav will capture the current sharing device, and allow you to draw text, or lines on the screen - great for taking notes.

Draw on the Screen

At any time, you can just click Draw and start drawing your text or lines on the screen.


Email your Notes and Drawings

Once you have your notes and drawings done, you can email them to the setup weav account - or if your weav is connected to Quicklaunch - it will email them to the meeting participants.

Session Reset

Once finished with your meeting, click on "Reset Session" and all sharing sessions with be closed and all drawings deleted.  If your weav is connected to Quicklaunch, your Quicklaunch room reset can also reset the weav session.